COVID-19 Update from RI Blood Center

Because of COVID-19, the Rhode Island Blood Center is unable to hold their normal blood drives and has transitioned to an appointment-based system for blood donations. RIBC is asking donors to book whatever appointments are available to them throughout this crisis to ensure a steady blood supply. From RIBC:

  1. Donors are needed at our six centers. They must book appointments to donate so that we can maintain social distancing and keep staff and donors as safe as possible.
  2. Read through the FAQ page about donating during the Coronavirus pandemic, then book an appointment online from that page. They can also call our contact center at 401-453-8383 to donate. Much info there, including a way to email our medical staff about eligibility questions.
  3. We hope donors will not be discouraged if they cannot get an appointment for a week or two or three. This will be a marathon, not a sprint. We are seeing a wonderful community response right now, but that will begin to decline. Their donation will be needed just as much throughout this entire process.
  4. Be kind to the ones on the front lines!