RIAEM offers a state-level Professional Certification Program as a service to its members and the profession. We offer three levels of certification:

  • BCEM – BASIC Certification in Emergency Management
  • ICEM – INTERMEDIATE Certification in Emergency Management
  • ACEM – ADVANCED Certification in Emergency Management

View our online list of Rhode Island Certified Emergency Managers.

Certification applications are reviewed by the Association’s Professional Development Committee. For more information please visit our Certification Process page or download the complete RIAEM Professional Certification Program manual below.

RIAEM Certification Manual (2016)

IMPORTANT: RIAEM’s new certification standards take effect January 1, 2020 to better align with IAEM. Certification applications submitted prior to that date may follow either the current standards or the 2020 version. After January 1, 2020, all certification applications must follow the new standards.

RIAEM Certification Manual (2020)

NOTE: “CEM” is a registered certification mark of IAEM-US and “Certified Emergency Manager” is a certification mark of IAEM-US. IAEM-US has licensed the Rhode Island Association of Emergency Managers to make limited use of the terms “Advanced Rhode Island Certified Emergency Manager,” “ARICEM,” and “Advanced Rhode Island CEM.” RIAEM and IAEM certifications are not equivalent or interchangeable.